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29 August 2009 @ 11:34 pm

I have loved this for a long time now.

Text from Crave by Sarah Kane

03 August 2009 @ 06:28 pm
mathias and the new dress

Photo from here

It's captioned as "Mattias and one of the best dresses ever". That the person in the photo, at first glance, could be taken for either male or female is compelling. Whether man or woman there is no denying the elegant line of the subject's posture, and the disarming beauty of the raised arm. Look at me in the mirror. I wonder if I look nice.

It would be easy enough to find out if Mattias is male or female. 
But, really, do we need to know?
02 August 2009 @ 08:19 pm
 1. Doing another children's show. Opened Thursday. The sheep keep falling over. The SHEEP KEEP FALLING OVER. Nnnghgnash.

2. I love the love meme:
"Yes I am rather tall and yes you are rather short 
but dude 
You give me such a talent boner."

3.  Talent boner is the best turn of phrase in the world, absolutely.

4. Going to get my hair cut even if it kills me. 

5. Reason to write down everything in your head when writing a treatment: So you're not faced with half an outline and wondering how it's supposed to end.

6. I am no longer penurious. Hurrah.

7. I am, however, still disgustingly sniffly. Rivers of snot, gentlemen. Rivers. Of. Snot.

8. Brushed my hair and found a safety pin. Curious.

9. Cats keep vomiting on me! I walk out of the house, and am greeted by a pool of kitty-vomit in the carpark. Walking through the shortcut to Orchard a small cat sees me. It backs away, obviously terrified of some deep, primal reaction it cannot control. It turns to run - But it is too late, and soon it is spewing foul, chunky bits of Friskies and something that looks like briyani. And again I have to wade through the steaming mess to get to the bus stop. My own cat has taken to hiding while I am about. Oh, wait, he's just emerged. Whoop, there he goes, up on my desk, sniffing at my computer - wait, shit, no, don't you dare 
09 July 2009 @ 12:17 am
 Went to dentist and had head irradiated to confirm if me wisdom teeth are nasty impacted buggers. After I paid the bill I realized I had no money for a haircut.

It seems experimentation is in order.

I sense clogged sinks in my future.

Dragging teeth over new filling. It feels like a particularly stubborn bit of chewy sweetie stuck on my tooth. 

Going up on the wall. Picking new bookshelf tomorrow, quite pleased about that, nicely wrangled for a lot less than I thought I'd have to spend. Putting off painting I suppose. Right. Hungry. I think there must be cake in this house. I can feel it in my organs. Yes. G'night.
Sitting in wrecked room. Furniture in weird places, dragged over to reveal thick layer of solidified dust, I kid you not. Peeling stuff off walls. I want a new bed. Or a new mattress, really. I have slept on this since I was eight. Really, reached the end of lifespan. Fuck so many things to sort and file and what-not. It's too hot for this nonsense.

Desk is now facing window. Temp measure so I could get at the nasty festering under-bed. And because I was bored. Rather fond of it, actually. It'll be terrible during afternoons, though, with the sun straight in my face and bleaching everything here white. Bed is also in middle of floor. It is now a creaky mattress-y island of delight. I shall name it something appropriate, like Pudding Island. Though I do not like the idea of sleeping in pudding. Oh, oh did you think I was moving furniture all this while? No, I just got back from watching TV. Feel like a giant stepped on my head. Still too hot for this.

12:35 AM
Room is still wrecked. Where are all the cardboard boxes in this house? About to throw out substantial piece of furniture. But, quickly, mosaic time!


Thinking: Purple wall with white shelving.
Or: White wall with black shelving, with tree outlines in black.
Also: painting window grills some silly colour, like pink, and adding moulding, window boxes. Harsh sun, though.
But First: Everything to be packed into boxes.
You Lot: Thoughts?
26 June 2009 @ 12:08 am

The Olympus PEN E-P1. Time to sigh and buckle knees, ladies. Intertubes sez this baby will be out in July. At least I know where that paycheck is going. OH YEAH.

23 June 2009 @ 01:24 pm

from Le Love.

12 June 2009 @ 05:16 pm
1. "You and me, doll, we got miles to go"
{ i love this picture i will always be the chap in the hat }
 Dizzy. Lightheaded. Putting off work again. Have to be somewhere at eleven tomorrow morning. Today morning. I don't know why. Well, yes, I do know why, but I'll be damned if I dedicate any more headspace to it than I have to.

Getting a bowl of decent ramen on a Sunday night is a lot more difficult than it should be. My usual ramen place was closed randomly (as most of my favorite eating places are wont to do). Wandered over to the back-up, found the bar counter that makes up the entirety of the joint's seating taken up by a family. It was a lot of family. Like reunion dinner family. Like Yours, Mine and Ours family.

Settled for a dim corner in a slightly more fancy place than the usual. Ramen was passable. Chashu bits took a lot of chewing. In the end I gave up and settled down for the MSG migraine. 

I've never gotten an MSG migraine from my usual places. Bah. Humbug.

I should get back to work.


TTRP is doing 4.48 Psychosis. Hurrah. Of course, no one will go to see it with me. Which is well and good. TTRP's never let me down.

God my head hurts. Right side of my head. And my jaw. And my back teeth.

Half-past two in the morning.

Don't like this work. 

Want to swim out and never come back to shore. Warm water stinging my throat soothing my soul. Weightless and solid. Flying under the surface. I'll grow scales upon scales on my back to protect my skin from the sun. Skin between my fingers and toes. Water under my arms over my legs. Cut through the sea, legs pumping, never growing tired. Wrap my poor head in seaweed. I'll never suffer another headache again. Never suffer another wart or boil, just have the water smooth everything over. When they find my bones they'll put my skull on display, this beautiful thing like a new-laid egg, pointing south.