vee_el (vee_el) wrote,

To Note


It is the end of the year. Christmas in four days. I leave for Berlin in seven days. I have a production meeting for the first show of my next working year in five days. 

I'm looking forward to Christmas with my family. I'm looking forward to dinner, and hanging by the kitchen door listening to our ladies chatter in Hokkien. I'm looking forward to the children opening their presents. I'm looking forward to rain, and tv specials, and staying in, and the cat running about in wrapping.

I'm looking forward to Berlin. And Klagenfurt. And Frankfurt. And Hamburg. And Vienna. And watching huge, epic shows while I'm there. And getting new cities under my feet. Seeing bats in the zoo. Browsing comic stores there. Ice skating. Forest.

I'm equal parts excited and terrified of the snow, the winter. 

I'm looking forward to the first show, to pre-pro, to learning, to putting lessons in effect. To calm and competence. 

My back still hurts. Ach.

I'm here. I'm open.
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